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Forrest Cavacco:

Forrest is a world renowned tattoo artist from Massachusetts. Owner of Cobra Custom Tattoo in downtown Plymouth, his custom design work has made him legendary in his industry.

Insta: @iamthecobra

Ryder Evan Robison:

Ryder is a multidisciplinary artist living & working in rural southeast Idaho. When he's not fighting fires or taking care of his hundred-year-old homestead, he's burning his art into hand-cut leather guitar straps and customized electric guitars and basses - a craft inspired by his years playing bass for rock band VAUX.

Insta: @rer_studio


Keenan Nichols:

Artist - Rock-N-Roller - Friend of Man.

Missouri born visual artist, musician, and DJ. You've seen Keenan Nichols' work on back drops, tour shirts, posters, stickers, and album covers all over North America and Europe. 

 Insta @keenan_nichols

Mike D'Antonio:

Killswitch Engage's Lord of Thunder and master graphic designer. His art has graced many bands' tees. He is currently working on his other band, Death Ray Vision. 

Iinsta @DarkIconDesign